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Screencast #1

April 30th, 2009 · No Comments

As part of my final project, I created 3 screencasts about Delicious and how tagging can be used as a learning tool.







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Dreaming about Delicious

April 21st, 2009 · Comments Off on Dreaming about Delicious

Last night was in my dream, which, while decidedly odd, got me thinking about some things. I’ve been focused mainly on the moment of learning that comes when a site is tagged, but while looking at my delicious tags, I noticed that they are also all connected to each other by their shared tags. For example, I tagged two sites as “web2.0″. One was the Institute for the Future of the Book, and the other was, a social job networking site. Both are rightly tagged as web2.0, and yet, we tend to focus the definition of web2.0 as that thing which it is related to in the tag, rather than the whole definition. In other words, when I see the Insititute for the Future of the Book, and its tag, web2.0, I think about how web2.0 and If:book are related. I don’t think about social networking and web2.0 until I look at, but both are part of the total definition of web2.0. By looking at the tags as a whole, rather than just an individual site and its tags, we learn more about not only the site we tagged, but also the meaning of the tag itself.

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April 14th, 2009 · No Comments

One of the most interesting claims made by Clay Shirky in his article is that we are living in the midst of an internet revolution. While I can see how the idea may connect with older generations, I feel that this revolution is not as significant with younger generations. As a member of a generation that has grown up with the internet, it is not unusual for me to use the internet as my first source of information for research and learning. Newspapers are quickly becoming outdated, but I feel that the current and future generations are not feeling the effects of this revolution because, in a sense, we were never connected with it. As a child, I only read the newspaper for the comics, and today, when news is important, I go to google news before I open a paper. For older generations that feel a connection to the newspapers, it is harder to let go, but frankly, from my own point of view, I find it hard to be concerned about the death of the newspaper.

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The Delicious Library

April 3rd, 2009 · Comments Off on The Delicious Library

So after talking with Dr. C about my project, I think I’ve finally got it. I’m going to explore taxonomy vs. folksonomy, specifically, tagging on and how tagging organizes the web. Bush mentions in his essay the idea of sharing associative trails. To extend the metaphor, you took a walk in the woods and marked your trail. Now imagine that other people also walked in those same woods and marked the trail as well. You can then explore their trail and they can explore yours. Sharing the trail leads to new discovery and a learning journey. So naturally, you are wondering: how is social bookmarking a learning process? The learning I am referring to is not the journey on the trail, but something much more subtle and yet more powerful. I’m talking about the act of tagging. You may think it is simple, and in a way it is, but tagging is more than just a keyword, it is a connection, both a mental linking and a physical hyperlink. When you research and play on the internet, it is a matter of individual discovery. You are working alone, skipping along the trail by yourself, basket of berries in hand. But as soon as you decide to tag a website, other people become involved. One of the best features of is the patterns in the trial. When you tag a website, delicious has a spot for you to write your own tag. A word that shows the significance or relevance of the website to you. But it also includes popular and recommended tags. These are more than just suggestions. These tags show the relevance and significance of that same website both to other people and to you. For example, you the blog of Jon Udell and decide to tag it “blog”. Then you look at the other tags that delicious suggests. You see technology, web2.0, blog, microsoft, programming, etc. Now the website becomes much more to you than just “blog”. You can see how other people view it; and can explore the idea what the blog is about, who Jon Udell is, what he does. You see web2.0 and think: we talked about that in class. You google web2.0 and the research process starts all over again. Then you tag a new site and new ideas form. It’s infinite and yet organized.

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Gophers: Go for it!

April 1st, 2009 · Comments Off on Gophers: Go for it!

So, sorry about blogging twice within a 30 minute period, but as I was deliciousing some sites, I came across the delicious blog which claims that it now supports tags for gopher. I assumed it was an obnoxious rodent, but in fact it is not. Its a whole other internet, only not <http://> but <gopher://> Cool huh? Anyway, so I started cruising through gopher, and I stumbled across the Online Book Initiative, a gopher site (?) that has posted a few hundred authors and their various works. It reminded me of when we were talking about tags and taxonomy on Tuesday, because it is arranged exactly like a taxonomy. Every author has a folder; they are listed in alphabetical order, and within each folder are sub-folders containing works and then text. It was all so neat and organized, unlike anything one would normally find on the internet, but it was also a very small selection of the books that are actually available. Hence, it was able to be so easily labeled and categorized. You can’t search for a book by category, you have to know the author, and click on his/her folder. Looking at it makes you realize the beauty of tagging, where you can search by a keyword, and author, anything really, as long as it reminds you of the website you’re looking for.

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Is My Machine Using Me?

April 1st, 2009 · Comments Off on Is My Machine Using Me?

So the other day, while I was cruising around making wordles and delicious clouds (unsuccessfully! gah!) I added this experimental software to my blog from that will create a blog entry of all my delicious tags and sites for the week. It hasn’t created one yet at the time I am writing this. I’m pretty sure I typed in that it would appear at 9:00 AM but that somehow morphed into 2:00 AM so who knows when it will appear. But it should be a cool experiment. So pretty soon I won’t even be touching my keyboard. I’ll just be napping while my computer takes over. Hmm…this all sounds eerily familiar…like some video we might have watched in class… Furthermore, in classic April Fools form, Google has “created” this feature called CADIE (Cognitive Autoheursitic Distributed-Intelligence Entity) that they claim will auto-respond to emails and type your papers for you. While it’s a joke, it made me think about whether a computer would ever really be able to think and write that way.

So let’s all reminisce about the beginning of the semester…

The Machine is Us/ing Us

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March 31st, 2009 · Comments Off on Wordles!!!

Ok, so this might be the coolest thing ever. Ever ever. EVER. Even cooler than Because they’re MY words. I made a wordle of my blog and it is so cool! Check it out here.

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